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Yes!Chinese-Pinyin (with CD-ROM)

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Yes!Chinese-Pinyin (with CD-ROM)

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Quick Overview

Mandarin Chinese is a monosyllabic language that contains over 1000 syllables. Each syllable is made up of a combination of an initial sound and final tone. This book and included CD-ROM will help children learn Chinese pronunciation using pin yin, which is key to learning to speak Chinese.

Product Description

Developed by Yes!Chinese, "Pinyin" introduces the 23 initials, 24 finals and the 16 whole syllables in the the Chinese Pinyin system. The included CD-ROM contains interactive material to supplement the book and includes colorful and fun graphics to engage children. The different sounds/tonalizations are shown along with sample words that use that sound, plus rhymes and songs to help reinforce the sound, which helps greatly with helping your child learn proper Chinese pronunciation.

CD-ROM requires Windows XP or Vista.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese character, Pinyin, and English, 94 pages,7.25 x 6.25 inches

Additional Information

Includes English, Pinyin

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