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Mandarin Reader-Purple Readers Set A (by The Magic Story Box)

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Created by the Magic Story Box, the leader in Mandarin Learning in New Zealand, the Mandarin Reader Series are designed to reinforce Mandarin Chinese in young learners. Mandarin Readers are not only a perfect learning resource for individual reading within small class groups, but also great for home use as story books. They are recommended for elementary aged children and are available in 6 levels, each with 4 sets of 6 books each. Purple Readers Set A is the simplest set in the first of the six levels.

All books are also available in Big Book format, perfect for classroom use. Please contact us at if you are interested in purchasing higher levels or the Big Books.

Product Description

Chinese Readers Purple Readers Set A by Magic Story Box

Purple Readers Set A is the first of six levels in the Mandarin Reader Series for children learning Chinese language. Purple Readers are the simplest of this set. Each book contains a fun story, fully illustrated, but presented completely in Chinese (An English translation is provided in the back of each book). Characters and sentence structures are chosen to be reading level appropriate. A unique feature of these books is that Pin yin is gradually removed to encourage character recognition skills as the reader progresses through the story.  In addition to an English translation of the story, a vocabulary list is also provided at the back of each book.

Purple Readers Set A introduces over 100 words and phrases, including numbers, colors, pronouns, and everyday objects.  It includes six books: Colors, The Go-Kart, Yummy Cupcakes, Dinner, Me and You, I Can Run.

Each book is Softcover, 12 pages, 6.75" x 6.75"

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Includes English, Pinyin

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