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Poster-Radicals and Pinyin

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Poster-Radicals and Pinyin

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Quick Overview

This double-sided poster with a Chinese Radical Table and a Pinyin Table is perfect for home use or classroom use.

Product Description

One side of the poster shows fifty six Chinese radicals. Chinese radicals are important building blocks of the Chinese characters. They are part of the character that show semantic or phonetic purposes. For example, words that contain the water radical, 氵, are usually words describing anything related to water. Some of these words can be river ( 河) and sweat (汗).

The other side of the poster shows sixty four pinyin, plus the four tones. For each pinyin, one sample Chinese character that uses the sound is shown.

Simplified Chinese character, and some Pinyin,1 page (double sided), 22.5 x 16.75 inches

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Includes Pinyin

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