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Chinese Idioms-Drawing Legs On A Snake (Bilingual)

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Chinese Idioms-Drawing Legs On A Snake (Bilingual)

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Chengyu, translated as Chinese idioms, are expressions that usually contain four Chinese characters. They mostly derive from ancient Chinese literature, and are related to legends, myths, and ancient stories. Chengyu express meaning that are compact and to the point. They are sometimes hard to understand because one needs to know the context and background. However, once mastered, they can be used to tell complex meanings and the Chinese learner will feel like a real native speaker.

Product Description

This Chinese idiom originally is about a group of servants in the Waring States period. They were in a drawing competition to win the wine from their owner. The rule was whoever finished drawing a snake first get the wine. The first servant finished and saw everyone else still drawing. He decided to add legs to his snake, which cost him the wine, because no snakes has legs. In this book, the story changed to two boys in the modern time trying to win some ice cream.

This book contains beautiful and humorous illustrations, with bright, eye catching colors that children love. The story is simple but contains complex meanings. It's great way to learn an important part of Chinese literature, the chengyu.

Paperback, 34 pages, 12" x 8.5", Simplified Chinese and English

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Includes English

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