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Yes!Chinese-LangLang Chinese Starter Book II-2B

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Yes!Chinese-LangLang Chinese Starter Book II-2B

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Langlang Chinese is specifically designed for children who are not native Chinese speakers. It emphasizes listening skills, speaking skills, character recognition and sentence expressions. Book II-2A and 2B use simple lessons, songs, crafts and games to make learning Chinese fun.

Product Description

Developed by Yes!Chinese, Langlang Chinese is a complete Chinese language learning curriculum for young students. The curriculum adheres to both the California World Language Standard (CWLS) and the Hanban Youth Learner Chinese Test (YCT) standard.

Langlang Chinese engages students with interactive online animated courses and highly intuitive textbooks. It offers Chinese language learning experiences for both classroom and home environments.

Book I (includes 1A and 1B) and Book II (includes 2A and 2B) are the first stages of the program, suitable for age 5 through 8. Book I is equivalent to level one as defined in the YTC. Book II as level two.

Book II-2A Starter book set include textbook and workbook. Online courses are available and can be purchased at the website of Yes!Chinese: A 7 Days Free Access coupon is included in each set. Please use invitation code 199222 when needed.

Textbook: Paperback, Simplified Chinese character, Pinyin, and English, 88 pages,10.25 x 8.25 inches

Workbook: Paperback, Simplified Chinese character, Pinyin, and English, 34 pages, 10.25 x 8.25 inches

Additional Information

Includes English, Pinyin

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