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Word of the Day-Hai Xiao (Tsunami)

Posted: Saturday, March 12, 2011 By Ni Hao Books

The Words of the Day for today is 海 啸,hǎi xiào (tsunami). 海 means ocean or sea, 啸 means roar.

When I visited Hilo, Hawaii last year, I saw a very large and nicely landscaped park in downtown Hilo. The park has lots of large green lawns, a few ponds, some bridges and a small museum. I thought how odd that there's such a large open space in the middle of downtown. It turned out it was a memorial to the people who died during the 1946 and 1960 tsunamis. In the museum there are pictures taken during and after the 1960 tsunami. I will never forget one picture showing a man riding his bicycle on the road, next to him was a tsunami wave three, four times higher than him. I don't want to imagine what happened next.

For the past few days, as I watched more and more videos of the 地震 (dì zhèn, earthquake),and 海 啸 that happened in Japan, my heart goes out to all those who are suffering there. Please consider making a donation to the Salvation Army for relief efforts.

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