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Word of the Day-Gan En Jie (Thanksgiving)

Posted: Thursday, November 18, 2010 By Ni Hao Books

The Words of the Day for today is 感恩节,gǎn ēn jié (Thanksgiving). 感恩, gǎn ēn, means giving thanks. 节, jié, means holiday. When talking about a particular holiday, 节 is always the last word.

Most Chinese living in the US are not used to eating turkey (火鸡,huǒ jī). First of all, we've never eaten turkeys growing up. It's not part of the Chinese cuisine. Secondly, 火鸡 tend to be quite dry, and Chinese like their meat moist.. A lot of my Chinese friends cook chicken instead on Thanksgiving. Then a few years ago, the Sam Woo Chinese restaurant here in San Diego started offering turkey cooked Chinese style. The 火鸡 is cooked using recipes for Chinese fried chicken. The meat remain moist, and the skin is crispy. Needless to say, my Chinese friends who cook, eat and breath only Chinese food, now include 火鸡 in their Thanksgiving menu.

感恩节快乐,gǎn ēn jié kuài lè (Happy Thanksgiving!)


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