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Words of the Day: Ba Ba (Daddy)

Posted: Monday, March 22, 2010 By Ni Hao Books

The Words of the Day for today is 爸爸 , bà ba (daddy). The second ba has a neutral tone, which means it is toneless. Each character 爸 has a fourth tone when separated. But when these two 爸 are put together, the second 爸 loses its tone. It's another interesting rule in Pinyin.

If though I tried to raise my older son bilingual, he's never taken to the words 爸爸 . As soon as he started to make the dada sound at the age of one, my husband started to identify himself as Dada. So my son always called his Dad dada, never Baba. Then one day, a friend of mine came to visit for a few days. She was talking to my son in Chinese, and I suddenly heard my son said "my 爸爸 loves to garden" in Chinese. I then realized he does know what 爸爸 means. It's interesting whom he chose to speak Chinese with.

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