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Word of the Day-Huai Le (Broken)

Posted: Sunday, April 3, 2011 By Ni Hao Books

The word of today is 坏了, huài le (broken). I have never thought of how this word can be confusing until my 2.5 year old kept calling his milk "broken". I then realized when I tell him his food has gone bad, I usually say 坏了, such as 牛奶坏了,niú nǎi huài le (milk has gone bad). I also use the same words for when lamps are broken, 灯坏了,dēng huài le. After listening to 坏了 being used in many different settings and situations, my son naturally started translating it in his head to English, and use "broken" for food or furniture. This again made me realize how difficult it can be to learn Chinese.

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