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Words of the Day: chun tian (Spring)

Posted: Saturday, March 20, 2010 By Ni Hao Books

I thought I should start a blog series named "word of the day", and since spring is officially here today, 春天 (spring) will be our first word of the day. 春天 is pronounced chūn tiān. The spring weather in San Diego is very nice and warm, with some rainy days here and there. When heat waves arrive, the temperature can reach into the 80s. But in Guangzhou, where I grew up, spring is full of rains, lots of lots of it. It rains so much things inside the house will start to get moldy. I especially remember the walls getting moldy. It couldn't be too healthy to live in those houses. We always try to take things out to get some sun if there are sunny days. But the nice thing is flowers start to bloom. Guangzhou's nickname is "the flower city", so all kinds of flowers are in bloom in the spring, many of which I've never seen anywhere else I've been to. The Chinese national flower, the peonies, however, only grow in northern China. It symbolizes richness, distinction and good fortunes. Paintings of peonies are often hung in homes to bring good luck. As my family traveled to China a couple of years ago during spring time, we visited the ZhongShan Park, which is right outside of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Tulips and peonies were showcased in various colors with the beautiful Chinese ancient structures in the background. It was breathtaking.

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