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Posted: Wednesday, October 1, 2008 By Ni Hao Books

Whether you're studying for the SAT or learning a new language flashcards may not be the flashiest, but they are the classic way to learn new words, and can be made fun, even for young children. In our household, we introduce new cards periodically and quiz our 3-and-a-half year-old and his dad to see who can recognize the most Chinese characters. And it's a great way for him to pick up some more Chinese as well. We also play games with picture flashcards, which is much easier than trying to recognize Chinese characters. Our son loves it, because he gets to show off how much more Chinese he knows than his dad. He also gets a kick out of correcting his dad's pronunciation. We also tape the flashcards with Chinese characters onto corresponding things in our house. We start with simple characters such as "men" (door) and "deng" (light), then increase to more difficult ones like "dian hua" (telephone) and "dian shi" (TV). Even though our house is full of flashcards taped onto furniture, toys, and even utensils, but it's a great way to expose our son to Chinese as much as possible.

Flashcards are easy to make if you want to, and can be part of the learning activity. Just print out the Chinese characters in a big font on a piece of paper and the corresponding pinyin on another. Then cut them out and glue them onto index cards. If you want to make picture cards, it is fairly easy to find pictures online to print out as well.

Of course, if you would like to purchase flashcards, we sell them here as well. The flashcards we sell are easily organized on a plastic ring, so they can stay together, and our son enjoyed going through them. Most have colorful pictures on one side, and the pinyin, English, and Chinese characters on the other side.

Currently, all our flashcards are 20% off! Click here to view our selection. We hope you will take advantage of it and use them in fun ways to teach your children more Chinese!

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