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About Ni Hao Books

Being born and raised in China, I’m very determined to raise my children bilingual. This way when he travels to China with us, he won’t be at a lost and will feel more at home. I speak to him in Mandarin Chinese only, but when I read to him, I have to translate all the English books into Chinese. When he was younger and didn’t recognize English words, he didn’t mind. Now that he is older and speaks more English, he would demand me to read the English books in English only. Since it’s easy to obtain English books, from the library, or bookstores, I realize I read more English books to him than ones in Chinese. Most of the children's Chinese books I have are simple word books. I needed more story books, especially Chinese story books. That’s the main reason this online bookstore is started, to provide for me and other parents just like me books to help us teach our kids Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture.
I hope you find products in our store useful and fun for your children. I wish you success at teaching your children Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture, which is so important, especially in today's global society.